Wing Spar Countersinking Complete


My shoulder hurt for a week.IMG_20150207_153449


These spars are really long.IMG_20150207_145518786

Measuring every freaking hole is probably overkill, but 1/20 weren’t deep enough the first time.IMG_20150207_145542307


Non-optional priming of areas where anodizing was removed by the countersinking.  Q-tip dipped in primer sprayed into cup from rattle can.IMG_20150207_155502451




.032″ “scrap” (we didn’t have any, had to order some), drilled, dimpled and turned into gauge.IMG_20150207_161834638

If I’m going to have to prime the areas the anodizing was removed, I might as well prime the inexplicable 5″ spar extension.IMG_20150207_171825986


Berck: 9 hours, Jonah: 2.75 hours

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