Angle Drill!

The angle drill came in today.  Having a real angle drill with various extensions and various length bits is absolutely worth it.  It’s so much better than the angle drill attachment that we borrowed.  I had no trouble drilling the remaining holes necessary.  Lots of unclecoing followed.


Next up: deburr all those freshly drilled holes, dimple the skins, countersink the spars and then put it back together and rivet!

Berck: 2 hours, Jonah: 1 hour.

HS Skins Drilled

Thanks to the annoying wait for some more tools, we only worked a few hours this weekend.  We did, however, get all the HS skins drilled.  Once the new angle drill and bits get here, we’ll be good to go.  I suspect I could just drill the corner holes of the stringer web without the skins and it’d be just fine, but the instructions do say to do it this way.  I predict significant progress in the near future.  No pictures, because nothing looks any different, we just moved a bunch of clecos around.

Berck, Randy: 3 hours.