Right fuel tank completion!

Here’s hoping that giant bead of sealant along the tank baffle is good.  It’s the only part you can’t see after you’re done.  We also installed the baffle rivets wet and sealed the back, even though this theoretically shouldn’t be necessary.

IMG_20151025_140236364 IMG_20151025_140443376 IMG_20151025_140530299 IMG_20151025_140536624 IMG_20151025_140950947 IMG_20151025_141009970 IMG_20151025_141226093 IMG_20151025_141341290 IMG_20151025_142552602 IMG_20151025_145032778 IMG_20151025_145114528 IMG_20151025_150459161 IMG_20151025_150510310

Here you can see the final (I hope?) location of the return line, as well as plugged and pro-sealed unused fitting: IMG_20151025_150651753 IMG_20151025_150751032 IMG_20151025_150823003

Berck: 6 hours, Randy: 6 hours, Jonah: 1 hour