Elevator Reconstruction Begins

Everything for the elevators is deburred and dimpled.  That took most of the day, but left an hour of celebratory riveting for Jonah and me.

IMG_20140712_210755 IMG_20140712_181002 IMG_20140712_180923 IMG_20140712_180018 IMG_20140712_175834 IMG_20140712_174827 IMG_20140712_173645 IMG_20140712_173617 IMG_20140712_173600 IMG_20140712_172748 IMG_20140712_172717 IMG_20140712_172332 IMG_20140712_172311 IMG_20140712_171640 IMG_20140712_171549 IMG_20140712_171540 IMG_20140712_165213 IMG_20140712_165126 IMG_20140712_160123 IMG_20140712_152112 IMG_20140712_151010 IMG_20140712_151004 IMG_20140712_150958 IMG_20140712_134554 IMG_20140712_134546 IMG_20140712_134540 IMG_20140712_134530 14 - 11


Berck: 8 hours, Randy: 7 hours, Jonah: 6 hours.

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