Stupid trim tabs.

After much contemplation, I decided that the trim tabs were not good enough.

It’s $20 worth of aluminum (each), and I didn’t feel right about using the ones we created a couple of weeks ago.  So I ordered more skins. They arrived last Saturday.  Damaged.

Vans shipped new ones out to me on Monday.  They arrived Thursday, in good shape.  I deburred them, and built lots of things out of wood to try to make bending them easier.  I practiced on all the damaged ones, and was thoroughly unhappy with the results.  I kept practicing.

While I was practicing, Randy was marking them to be scuffed for proseal.  At some point he stated, “This geometry doesn’t work.”

I went over to show him that I was sure it worked out fine.  And that’s when he pointed out that I’d ordered two left elevator trim tab skins.

Seriously?  They’re different?  Why didn’t I notice this on the parts list?

I reviewed the parts list.  “TRIM TAB SKIN” is the part I ordered.  I needed two of them.  Made sense.  Only, further up the list was, “RT ELEV TRIM TAB SKIN”.  Because it would be too much for them to label the other one “Left”.

In any case, the Left elevator trim tab looks pretty good.  We’ll see what the right side looks like next week.

Berck: 5 hours, Randy: 4 hours.

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