Elevators (mostly) complete, Trim Tabs

We finished the elevators.  Trailing edges look beautiful, and overall I’m pretty happy with the elevators.

IMG_20140907_134710 IMG_20140907_134720 IMG_20140907_141116 IMG_20140907_143709 IMG_20140907_143724 IMG_20140907_144856 IMG_20140907_145742 IMG_20140907_151824 IMG_20140907_151846 IMG_20140907_160814 IMG_20140907_162941 IMG_20140907_163431 IMG_20140907_173613 IMG_20140907_173636 IMG_20140907_174146 IMG_20140907_175018 IMG_20140907_184934

I’m a lot less happy with the trim tabs.  Bending the close-out tabs on the elevators was cake, but doing the same for the trim tabs is miserable.  I’m tempted to order more skins and do it again, but I think they’re probably good enough.  I didn’t have double-sided tape. In retrospect, I should have waited until I acquired some.

Part of my problem is that I was lulled into a false sense of security because the elevator close out tabs went so well.

Berck: 9 hours, Randy: 5 hours, Tracey 5 hours, Jonah 4 hours.

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