Outboard leading edges started

Completed right wing top skin.IMG_20150405_162322238
Wing cart.
IMG_20150405_162336697 L5sa_87wg4Vq7grUek3CKCmQX2dWiGbkQmqwsq6czWDH=w559-h941-no IMG_20150405_162705175_HDR
Cutting yet more J-channel.IMG_20150405_165037119 IMG_20150405_165532033 IMG_20150405_165556883
Fluting wing ribs.IMG_20150405_173256901
Some wing ribs need to be modified….IMG_20150405_181612970IMG_20150405_181746799
erck: 2 hours, Jonah: 2 hours.

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