Fuselage Divorce

Jonah and I divorced the front fuselage from the aft fuselage, removed the forward bottom skin and ribs.  Jonah deburred the holes while I countersunk things.  Then I spent a long time messing around with the tunnel access cover.  I show up the hours I spent on it pay off down the road.

Berck: 6 hours, Jonah: 5 hours

The forward fuselage meets the aft fuselage

Randy decided we needed a tunnel access panel.  Berck agreed that it probably wouldn’t hurt anything, so Randy spent some time futzing with it.  A bit absurd that the holes in the access panel he ordered (from Airward) didn’t actually line up.  Given that they sold us $10 of parts for $69, it could at least fit.

Then we mated the aft fuselage section that’s been in storage for the last couple of months with the forward fuselage.  That was pretty exciting, and it make it obvious that this plane is large.  Jonah’s days of parking the Subaru in the garage are numbered.

Sadly, like everything with this plane, it was only a temporary mating.  They’re now divorced so all the holes can be deburred and dimpled.

Randy: 4 hours, Berck: 4 hours, Jonah 3.75