Forward Firewall Ribs

The forward ribs are deburred, the nose gear tension fittings are riveted to them.  Only 68 rivets.  Each.

Annoying things: The “Vent DL-10” is to be cleco-ed on.  Now that I’m used to being screwed by Vans directions, I spent half an hour figuring out where it gets riveted to find out if I needed to dimple it.  Yes, yes I did.  It’s in section 36, brakes.  Because… you need to remove it to route brake lines.

Also discovered our PDF of the plans is only searchable in some places.  Much of it is not.  “DL-10” does not, for instance, find anything.

The empennage plans are extraordinarily detailed.  The wing plans less so.  The fuselage plans seem to more about giving you a vague idea of where things go and hoping you figure it out.

Berck: 7 hours, Randy: 6 hours, Jonah: 4.5 hours.