Right Outboard Leading Edge Complete

Vans shipped the replacement rib very quickly, and we were able to resume progress this weekend.  We started the day deburring the rib, drilling it, disassembling and deburring everything for the right outboard leading edge.  Then dimpled, and spent forever on the splice strip with its 19 nut plates, the attach holes for which are countersunk, but the rivets want to sit proud no matter what I did.  Ground them flat with the scotchbrite wheel, primed.  Finally able to finish the day by riveting the leading edge together.  Riveting something like this goes really quickly with 3 people.  One to remove the cleko and insert the rivet, one to use the rivet gun, and another to buck.






Berck: 8 hours, Randy: 6 hours, Will: 5 hours, Jonah: 1.25 hour

Left Fuel Tank Deburred and Dimpled

Somewhat frustrating day as we discovered that I cut one of the W-1009-R-2 ribs incorrectly.  Fortunately, Will noticed while drilling.  Noticing later would have been bad.

So, we spent the day deburring and dimpling fuel tank parts.  The left fuel tank is now all deburred and dimpled and ready for assembly. 

andy: 7 hours, Berck: 6 hours, Will: 2 hours, Angela: 2 hours.