Some Elevator Dimpling

Some evening aircraft construction.  I’m much happier if I spend even a little bit of time working on the plane in the evenings.

I dimpled some elevator bits while Jonah deburred.

IMG_20140709_201027 IMG_20140709_200734 14 - 7 14 - 4

Elevators back in pieces.

It’s been a slow summer, but we knew ahead of time we weren’t going to make the same sort of progress during the summer as we did in the winter.  No big deal.

We’ve gotten the elevators match drilled, disassembled and mostly deburred.  Time to dimple and reassemble for good.  For whatever reason, the elevators are fairly complicated.  And we haven’t even gotten to the foam ribs and proseal, yet!

IMG_20140705_152413 IMG_20140705_142438 IMG_20140705_141135 IMG_20140705_140949 IMG_20140705_140943

Berck: 8 hours, Randy: 4 hours, Tracey: 4 hours, Jonah: 2.5 hours.