VS Spar Cap work

I moved on to step 2 and 3: match drilling holes in the vertical stabilizer spar caps (the pieces I cut in step 1).  I used the drill press for these, because the plans indicated the importance of  getting the holes perpendicular.

Drilling the first holes, cleco’ing as I go: (There are side clecos holding the piece in that you can’t see from this angle)IMG_2318

A whole bunch of drilled holes with clecos:IMG_2320

Berck: 4 hours.


Step 1 Complete!

The first step was take the vertical stabilizer rear spar caps (VS-1014), and cut off a 16″ wedge of aluminum in order to make them into VS-1014-L and VS-1014-R.  I did this, deburred them, and also deburred the VS rear spar (VS-1003) as well.  It’s such a modest little first step.

Here is the right one done, with the left one untouched.IMG_2315

I never photographed the completed tables with the DRDT-2 mounted between them, so here’s that:IMG_2316

Both spar caps complete:IMG_2317


Berck: 2 hours.