Tailcone Assembled

So that we can disassemble it tomorrow.  Here it is, all together.  It comes apart for deburring and dimpling.

14 - 414 - 314 - 1114 - 914 - 214 - 614 - 814 - 714 - 1 (1)14 - 5


Berck: 6.5 hours, Jonah: 4 hours.

More Tailconing.

After many hours of construction, the tailcone does not look significantly different.  But it has many more holes than it used to.

Slight mistake: Even after Randy pointed out it was weird that we were drilling holes into the longerons with only one of the two eventual skins in place, we checked the directions and decided that these holes were going to be drilled twice.  We neglected to notice that the first time the holes are drilled 3/32″ and the second time with a #40.  We just drilled with a #40.  We’re also sure it’ll still fly. But if not, here’s a note for the NTSB.

IMG_20141213_162328176 IMG_20141213_162317514 IMG_20141213_162115288

Berck: 6 hours, Randy: 6 hours.